Nadia Nakai Still Isn’t Over Being Cyberbullied & Called Ugly

Nadia Nakai is one of many celebrities who have been trolled to the most brutal degree.

Some celebrities make it seem like cyber-bullying rarely gets to them until later when they open up about how they went days without eating because of it.

Nadia Nakai seemed to be coping well after the internet savagely dragged her last year when an image of her without make-up made rounds online.

People were shocked at the amount of the job the make-up does to her by comparing the images. She was even called ugly, now that can make any woman feel a bit down. Nadia decided to draw positivity from the situation and that was how she inspired women to start a trend of posting their make-up on and make-up off pics.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE last month the femcee expressed that she never got over the cyber-bullying and that it had an effect on her but had to keep it all together for the sake of her brand.

“I don’t think I have totally got over it. I think I fool myself a lot, to be honest. I have been preaching self-worth because if I don’t it can affect my music. I have gone through a lot of media slashing and cyberbullying; I can’t say it has made me a better person. I think if any of it happened again, I’ll still be hurt.” she said.

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