My Wife Threatened Me With Marriage—Charly Boy

Charly Boy

You can call him the weird one or see him as a controversial singer, but Charles Oputa, well known as , will always remain the man that does not bother himself with what people say or write about him. He is one man that has stayed true to his conviction.

The social crusader recently disclosed that he never had the intention of marrying his wife, Lady D, who he has been with for many years.

said his wife’s curves attracted her to him. He further said he never proposed to her, but explained that one morning, after sleeping over at his place, his wife told him if he was not ready to marry her, she would walk away.

In his words, “Even though we dated for a while, in my wildest dream, I never saw her coming till one morning after sleeping over, she woke me up, looked me straight into my sleepy eyes and demanded that I marry her in the next few days or she will leave me.

“Wow! Before then, no one ever threatened me like that, no one ever gave me ultimatums. Who born them? Me, ? Little did I know that this woman for long has been researching on me, this woman has seen me finish, figured out how best to arrest and deal with me.
“When I was much younger, I had a very violent temper, I was obnoxious. And she had witnessed me a few times in my rage with other women. ‘Ain’t you afraid that I will hurt or harm you’ to that she answered, ‘you can never hurt or harm me because I will never give you a reason to’.

“Oh! See finish, 37 years later, I have become her bonafide 18krt gold Mugu. Kai!”

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