My Wife Denies Me s*x And My Doctor Says s*x Is Good For My High Blood Pressure


s*x with him is too painful —Wife

A 50-year-old trader, Muinatu Aliu, has told an Ikorodu customary court in Lagos State that she denied her husband s*x because she usually felt pains anytime he made love to her .

The mother of four, disclosed this while testifying in a divorce petition instituted by her husband, Awopeju Aliu, 58.

Muinatu, however, pleaded with the court to save her 25-year-old marriage. “I usually have a painful S£xual experience whenever I am having an intercourse with my husband.

“And when I related my experience to a woman in my neighbourhood, she said my husband could be using s*x enhancing drugs; so I was always denying him s*x.

“I usually feel so sick after s*x, but I am ready to seek medical attentions so as to save my marriage from collapse. “I promise to make love to him anytime he wishes,’’ she said.

However, the husband urged the court to dissolve the marriage despite his wife’s pleas, while also praying the court to award him custody of their children.

“I am hypertensive and the doctor told me that I should always make love to my wife to reduce the high blood pressure; but my wife was always denying me s*x.

“I don’t want her anymore. I want to marry another wife,’’ Awopeju said.

President of the court, Mr Olu Adebiyi, adjourned the case till September 10 for possible reconciliation.

Adebiyi ruled that the couple should remain in peace till the next adjourned date.

Source: Tribune

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