[MUST READ] The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Masturbation


Masturbation is popularly performed by mostly and a little percentage of women masturbate. We shall discuss on this topic based on the medical, physical and mental knowledge given to us by God.

Let us start from the advantages of masturbation



1. Masturbation ease tension in both male and female.
2. Masturbation makes a male or female feel light.
3. Masturbation prevent a guy from being sick due to too much deposit.
4. Masturbation help in producing an imaginary s*x image in both male and female.
5. Masturbation reduces the rate of a male or female Hot feelings.
6. Masturbation prevent a man from having s*x without a woman.
7. Masturbation satisfy both male and female S£xually.
8. Masturbation reduces S£xual transmitted diseases.
9. Masturbation preserve a virgin guy(based on what some people believes).
. Masturbation cools an aroused body.
11. Masturbation is the best way of collection of when a running a count analysis.

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