MUST READ !! Mistakes Men Make Early In Relationships That Scare Women Away



The beginning of a relationship is where the right foundation is set, when the right foundation is set, the relationship might go on to be a special one, but if it is set on a wrong foundation early on, then the relationship would only falter.

“Some ladies would agree that they have left a relationship early on simply because they felt things were not right and this situation has left a lot of men stunned, wondering what they did wrong”.

Listed below are mistakes men make early in a relationship that scares women off.

Putting too much focus on s3x:

“When you make s3x the centre of everything early in the relationship, you could pass a wrong message to her that it’s just the s3x you are in for, no woman enters a relationship just to be a s3x object; believing that you are trying to make her one might scare her away”.

You are a flirt:

“Every lady loves to know that her man is hers alone, so flirting with other women, especially early in the relationship would definitely scare her off; this would only show her that you probably don’t care about her enough to stick to her alone, flirting with other women just after winning her passes a message of you being a womaniser”.

Being overly controlling:

“She agreed to be your girlfriend in that relationship; not your maid, not an object you command but your partner in a relationship; not every woman can stand an overly controlling man, and when they notice this trait in him, they quit the relationship early on”.

Not being fully committed:

“At this early stage of the relationship, she needs total commitment from you; being hot and cold would only make her have doubts about you”.

When you don’t understand how she feels:

“Understanding how she feels, to a very reasonable extent, shows compatibility; however, when you don’t understand how she feels and you don’t make an attempt to, this could pose a problem, as she would feel that you are reluctant in having an understanding relationship with her”.

Your ex:

“Never bring up your ex to your new relationship, constantly bringing up talks about your ex would pass the message that you aren’t over her, and this could scare her away”.

You don’t make her a priority:

“When you are nonchalant about her position in your life, you take her for granted and don’t really make her a priority, she could get scared of having that relationship with you; women want to be the priority in your life, and when you show signs early on that it isn’t going to be possible then your relationship with that lady could get ruined”.

Your love is half-baked:

“Every woman wants to be loved genuinely and thoroughly; half-baked love with her wouldn’t make her feel secure and this could scare her away; women love to feel secure in their relationships; they want to be sure that they are entering a relationship with a man who would love them genuinely and thoroughly”.


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