Mistakes You Should Avoid When Shopping Online


Mistakes You Should Avoid When Shopping Online

If you shop online, you have to read this till the end.

A lot of us buy things online and are required to pay with our ATM card. But what you don’t know is that your account can be hacked if you don’t follow my guide.

A lot of us don’t know this but in this article, I’ll show you how you can protect yourself from submitting your account information accidentally online so you won’t be hacked.

First every website has what is called SSL CERTIFICATE, this ensures that your payments on websites as well as information is secure and protected, but most of us don’t even know what an SSL means, what it looks like and how to know a safe website to use.

So we prepared a video that explains this in detail for your won understanding.

Do well to watch the video to the end so you can protect yourself.



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