Man Who Demands P*nis Enlarged Gets Killed By A Quack Doctor (Photos)



A New Jersey woman was sentenced to five years in prison after a man died following a pe.nis-enlargement procedure she performed.

Kasia Rivera was running a quack cosmetology practice out of her East Orange home when she botched Justin Street’s pe.nis-enlargement procedure, injecting silicone directly into his bloodstream, according to New Jersey Advance Media.

The non-medical grade silicone shut down Street’s organs, and he died as a result of it the next day.

“A man died because of her recklessness,” Assistant Prosecutor William Neafsey told the court. “She had no business sticking needles into anyone, specifically sticking a needle into a man’s pe.nis.”

Rivera, 38, received the five-year prison term this week after pleading guilty to reckless manslaughter in connection with the 2011 death.


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