Man Spotted With A Huge Erection After Sexually Harassing An Unsuspecting Co-Passenger In A BRT Bus


An unidentified man was spotted with a huge erection in a viral video in which he was seen sexually harassing an unsuspecting co-passenger in a BRT bus in Lagos.

A Twitter user who shared the video said the incident occurred in the BRT which was heading to Oshodi from Tollgate. The man reportedly ejaculated after rubbing his penis on the bum of a woman he stood behind. @pee_dolly wrote;

Somebody’s Husband, Father, brother, uncle inside Brt Tollgate-Oshodi this morning using his dick to rub a Woman’s ass. The fact that he ejaculated pissed me more. .

Ladies ehn if you can avoid public transport please do and if it can’t be avoided stay vigilant if a male is behind you. Say No to Sexual Assault . .

Ma’am will get home to wash Cum on her dress without knowing how she got stained


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