Man Paralyzed After Returning From His Village In Edo State


What could have gone wrong that someone who decided to visit his village from Port Harcourt, getting to his village, he stayed for two days and he left for Port Harcourt.

On his arrival in Port Harcourt he noticed that he could no longer move his legs or stand erect, the once hale and hearty man prior to his visit to Edo State is now partially unable to move or walk on his own with severe pains after that visit.

This is the story of my International Designer Prince Hon. Osaruonamen Ogbebor.

He was rushed to UPTH but was greeted with a more disappointing situation, believe me that hospital is as good as dead, their poor services, negligence, welfare, dirty wards and their unprofessional/arrogant nurses with smelling attitude will be a discourse for another day.

He waited at the emergency unit for about an hour with excruciating/tormenting pain without any attention from the hospital even with the visible notice of nurses on ground their excuse was that they have not been paid but is that enough reason to neglect a patient?

Oftentimes in UPTH cases of deaths have been recorded as a result of negligence from nurses and doctors.

After a night in UPTH, disappointed by their services, he was moved to another hospital somewhere in Port Harcourt where he is receiving treatment.

Doctors will always have a name for any symptom, they said he has a slipped disk but this sickness is mostly experienced by older adults but here we have a very young man faced with such. A young man whose already established and blooming business as a designer is threatened by his condition.

Medical or spiritual nothing is impossible, hence my call for your genuine prayers for my friend Mr Osaru.


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