How Majek Fashek Was Dragged Out Of Stage

Majek Fashek

The annual Felabration may have come and gone, but memories of happenings at the well-attended event linger on the mind of many that thronged out to have fun during the one-week long concert. Every year, many anticipate this massive event, which attract people from all over the world.

It is no news that at Felabration, various sizes of wrapped ‘we.eds’ are consumed. An asthmatic patient dares not go near African Shrine, venue of the show, except the person is on a suicide mission. Even on a normal day, an asthma patient would not be advised to take a tour to the place.

On Friday, October 17, 2014, many fun-seekers were at the Felabration to watch different artistes entertain them and they were not disappointed. 

However, when it was time for the acclaimed ‘rainmaker’, Majek Fashek, to thrill his fans with his golden tunes, the unexpected happened. Just as he mounted the stage, he began to stagger and starting saying some words that sounded incoherent. 

When some of the anxious fans could not take it any further, MC of the event, Omo Baba No 1, and two other dudes, asked the veteran musician to leave the stage, though he left grudgingly. But this did not make the event to turn out very successful.


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