Ludovic SONY – The Mix Of Melodies

After many years to learn and understand the music, the young Canadian from Guadeloupe gives us a great collaboration with the zouk love. A Caribean music style created by Kassav, the number one music band in the Caribean Islands.

Ludovic SONY released his first single Ciel et magie in 2016. With his group of friends, he created his own label Nàstàn Records, based in Montreal. During his study years in one of the most prestigious school of Business of Montreal Island, he decided to write, work and produce some melodies. He mixed the song, the guitar, the piano, the voice… A song is born Ciel et magie.

The young talented, Ludovic SONY leave Montreal fast and go to Paris to work with some talented and experimented music players: Thierry Delannay as the guitar, Franck Galin as the bassist and many others professionals.

Inspired by the most beautiful voice of the Caraïbes: Gilles Floro, Patrick Saint-Eloi, Fanny J, Orlane, N’jie, the singer develop some abilities to play his own music and to perform in different live concerts.

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