Where is the Logic o? Vector and A-Q diss saga by DJ FINAL


Logically speaking I see no reason why we should always buy illogical beefs, banters and Publicity stunt.. I’m sure we all remember in 2012 when VECTOR on a SAUCE KID song threw jabs at REMINISCE. Within hours,REMINISCE replied and the Battle Line was drawn… The whole industry and social media went in flames as friends and fans were quick to pick sides. Insults, Debates and Bragging was inevitable.

A few months later, A-Q and VECTOR tactically threw more jabs at Reminisce… It was a continuation of what was to be a Promotional Saga. It worked marvelously as REMINISCE and VECTOR smiled home because they were the talk of the town. They even chilled together at 9ice’s Album Launch. They even cashed in on the whole saga.
Fast forward to January 2014, They (Vector & Reminisce) settled their differences and the whole BEEF died down and was mopped with both of them gracing different remixes together. I would have called that a Scam or Publicity Stunt.

A few days ago, Vector settled his differences with his former Record Label – YSG with an open letter. This gave his fans a huge sigh of relief and a hope of newer songs from the Rapper. Few Days after, Vector drops a single from his #A7 Project titled WHERE IS VECTOR? His Fanbase soared higher as he was able to corner newer disciples.

Few Hours Later, I saw on the Social Media that A-Q…… Yes, A-Q…. I mean the same A-Q that together with Vector did the Distraction Beef Track against Reminisce dropped a response to VECTOR’s comeback song. Laugh Wan Kill Me Die…… Is he (A-Q) pulling up a publicity stunt or are they just messing with their fan base. I honestly should just drink my LIPTON with no milk or Sugar on this issue.

The essence of this descriptive essay is to explain to Nigerian Bloggers and Blog Followers that A-Q ‘s response isn’t and shouldn’t be tagged as NEW BEEF. A-Q only jumped on the beat to create the DISTRACTIONS for an almost HIT RUSTY Vector who is returning to claim his spot. At least we all know he has been missing from the major actions in the Industry in 2014.

Except they both will prove me wrong by staging a RAP BATTLE where they both will aim at themselves in front of their most prized fans, i’ll suggest we disregard BLOGGERS’ headlines and just enjoy the good music Vector, A-Q, Sauce Kid Sinzu, Reminisce and other Dope Nigerian Rappers make.




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