LMAO!!! Peter Okoye fell of stage while performing last night (See photos)

There are challenges that come with trying to please your fans when performing on a stage and that is if your clothes get tourn or you miss your lines… But this is not the case for Peter Okoye of Psquare .

The Pop duo were performing ‘Bring it on’, a song off their new album ‘Double Trouble’ when Peter Okoye apparently stepped too close to the centre edge of the five-foot elevated stage and fell off. He tumbled and landed on the floor, hitting his back against the protective metal barricades used to shield fans from the stage. 

See photos below:



Peter Okoye on the floor, where he had fallen, behind the protective netting

Security and stewards helping Peter Okoye get up from his fall.

“I fell off on stage and it wasn’t funny… Like we said” keep ur head up high and standing tall… I will surely bring it on” #sadFace #headingToTheHospital love u all!” Peter wrote on IG.

Btw, happy independence day Nigeria, whoop!

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