Lagos Babe Strips Unclad After She Came To Kill Man Who Dumped Her With Charm (Photos)



The residents of Cyril Emordi street, Iba, Lagos, State, were shocked when a certain scorned woman stormed the house of her ex to cause havoc.

According to eyewitnesses, drama started at the early hours of the morning when the lady, all dressed in white, sneaked into the compound of her ex, with two left legs of children shoes and three N1000 notes.

She held them tight-fistedly, while chanting incantations. When she was done and was about to throw the shoes into the flat of her ex-lover, who is now married with two kids, she was caught by a woman leaving home for early morning market.

She was disgraced, striped unclad and asked to bath outside. She later confessed that the man she came to wipe out his family members, promised her marriage 9 years ago, but dumped her for another woman, so she came for revenge.

Credit:Rita Writer



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