Lady Caught On Camera Putting “Something” Into A Guy’s Drink In A Nightclub (Video)


In a video sighted on social media, a young lady has sent shivers down the spine after she was filmed putting something into a guy’s drink at the club.

The video captures the moment the man was standing and having a conversation with his friend at the club when the young lady secretly sneaked her hands and poured something into his glass containing wine.

Well, the young for some reason placed the drink back on the table without taking a sip after the lady allegedly spiked his drink with a substance believed to be poison.


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In other news, a cab driver has revealed on social media what a passenger did to his car after he politely asked her not to brush her hair in his car.

According to the driver, he politely asked the young lady who board his car with a friend not to brush her hair in his car but the lady refused, saying that she is paying for the ride, hence she has the right to do what pleases her in the car.

The driver revealed that he was infuriated by the young lady’s reply and even though her friend begged him to ignore her rudeness and continue with the ride, his spirit told him otherwise so he had to find a place to park and deal with her.

He revealed that he asked the lady to come down from the car and when she did, she slammed the door so hard but he refused to overreact and drove off to another destination and he had good rides after that incident.


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