Kehinde Oshadipe Talks About Her Late Twin Sister, Says “I Feel Her Presence”


Kehinde Oshadipe, who lost her twin sister a while back has opened up in a new interview.

She talks about how she has been coping without her, and her son.

In the interview with Encomium Weekly Kehinde said she is holding on strong even though it is not easy with her twin sister around.

I believe in staying strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I always try to occupy myself because I notice that it’s when I am idle I get really depressed. It’s not easy at all without her, and like you know we’re multi-talented artistes…music, drama and now I’m a producer and there’s also an NGO. The ultimate responsibility is our son. The dream makes me so restless…I hardly sleep” she said.

Kehinde went on to confess that she smells items owned by her sister such as her clothes to remember her. “I don’t think I do anything strange. Just that I smell her wig, her clothes. I hold our son’s hands at night to sleep…I still have most of her clothes.

Anytime I visit her graveside, I sit there for like an hour narrating what has been happening…who did what and when. And even in the car sometimes, I feel her presence and in my mind too, I feel like a part of her is in me” she also said.

Taiwo Oshadipe gave birth to a son Obama, 3, before she passed away. According to Kehinde the little boy does not ask for his mum because he sees her as his mother. “He doesn’t ask about his mum. I’m his mum, he only tells me I’ll tell my mummy and he says that to everyone, even his grandpa and ma.

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