K.O Announces Release Date For 3rd Solo Album

After a long awaited release of his next big project rapper K.O finally provides release date.

K.O captured the full attention of the audience when he dropped Supa Dupa which has climbed it’s way through radio charts and is currently one of the dope songs in SA Hip Hop. The single as he stated is the lead from his upcoming album with the title he’s still with-holding.

To build even more interest and have a much closer relationship with his fans K.O has been releasing a series of online documentaries. On the docs the rapper usually covers a wide range of the philosophy behind his music, the effects of past experiences in music and his future plans.

“As a man as an artist I feel like I’ve hit the ceiling a hundred times over but I’ve managed to cut through where possible. Either you cut through or you stay there.

“I feel like by opening up more and engaging with you guys at this level it allows me to step into other aspects. That’s why now you see me figuring new ways to engage with the people that follow me.” He said on his last episode.

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