“Jesus Is Coming Soon” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


In the last 3 years, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church aka Believers Loveworld Nation has reiterated on several occasions that Jesus is coming soon.

During the International Cell Leaders Conference, ICLC in 2014 for the church ministers and leaders, Pastor Chris shed more light on the glorious coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as he was moved to tears.

In the message, he pointed out the ministers that the reason the gospel must be preached is because Jesus is coming again.

In his words, he added;

“Prepared your life, Jesus is coming again for a church without a spot, wrinkle or any blemish, a church that is Holy and Un-defiled, a Church that is living and walking in Faith …”

And also, during the last Global Communion Service, Pastor Chris re-emphasized on the second coming of Jesus and admonished the brethren to take it seriously as the Lord is coming sooner and the world is very close to the end.

He also announced that he will share a full message on the second coming of Jesus, the signs fulfilled, what is expected of Born Again Christians and how they should live prepared.

For there is no other name given among men, by which a man can be saved, except the name of Jesus. The Gospel must be preached.


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