Igbo Festival Holds In Lagos


2015 Ikeji Arondizuogu Festival

For sometime now, traditional festivals have been holding outside of their cultural origins.


Popular Nigerian festivals like Osun Oshogbo festival,  Arugungun Fish festival , Durbar festival and the Onitsha Ivories festival have held in their origin for over 100 years. But last weekend, the Ikeji Arondizuogu festival, which happened in Lagos, showed yet again, that these festivals have become itinerant. The festival, which is hosted annually by the people of Arondizuogu in Imo state, held at the National Stadium Surulere on Easter Sunday for the umpteenth time.


Attended by over 10,000 indigenes, the event which was sponsored by Ace Roots, a traditional herbal mixed fruits drink, attracted a large section of the Igbo community resident in Lagos who came out with their friends and family to celebrate their roots.


The Arondizuogu festival took the guests back home by featuring the local Arondizuogu masquerades to entertain them as they danced to the local tunes of Igbo origin.


The Arondizuogu people are from the western part of Okigwe town in Ideato Local Government Area Imo state, Nigeria. The festival signifies the myth and power of the Aros all over Igbo Land especially during the slave trade era. It was their victories and achievement that motivates them into celebrating this festival.


Ace Roots is a low sugar, mixed fruits drink rich in herbal content of 14 African herbs and spices with only 6 per cent alcoholic content; and is already a favorite for young Nigerians passionate about their roots.
Cross Section of guests at the festival

(L-R) Host, Canice Okeke, Regional Trade Makt Manager NB, Olubukola Dare and President Movement for Arondizuogu Progress Mazi Eric Ikoro at the Ikeji Arondizuogu Festival sponsored by ACE ROOTS at National Stadium Lagos on


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