I Learnt To Play The Guitar To Win A Girl, Peter Okoye Reveals


Peter Okoye

One half of the P-Square duo, Peter Okoye, has reveal what his inspiration was to learn to play the guitar.

In an interview with Drive Time with Vixen, the pop sensation narrated how a friend of his snatched his girlfriend because he knew how to play the guitar.

I’m a very jealous person. Let me tell you how I started playing the guitar. I used to have this girlfriend back then in Jos. A girl I was toasting” said Peter Okoye.

According to Peter, he had an accident when carrying a keyboard and guitar and while he was in the hospital, a friend of his who was a good singer picked up the guitar that was not damaged in the okada accident and started playing it.

So he now came, next thing he now picked up the guitar. I was on the sick bed, my leg was up. Next thing the guy started playing it and my girlfriend was there. The girl left me and said ‘oh my God do you know how to play this song?’…

Peter said he was jealous and even signaled to his friend to stop playing, he did not stop and continued serenading his girlfriend.

I bought my own guitar and started learning how to play” confessed Peter.

So I called her one day. The same tone of the guitar that my friend normally plays I could hear it in the background. She was talking to me and I was like ‘hold up what’s that sound?’ She told me that my dad has a classical CD and I said no, I know that sound. She said no. I said I am coming. I went to their house. ‘Where is the CD?’ She said her dad took it. I felt really bad and that is how we broke up” revealed Peter.


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