I Am Sleeping With My Boyfriend’s Half Brother – Lady Confesses


A lady has confessed that she has feelings for her boyfriend’s half-brother and doesn’t know how to handle it.

A lady has been left conflicted after falling in love with her boyfriend’s half brother.

She revealed that they were attracted to each other and are now sleeping together.

She wrote:

Dear Bunmi,

When I met my current boyfriend, he never mentioned anything about having a half-brother. We’d been together for about a year when he introduced him to me at a social gathering.

It was a bit of a shock, and even more shocking was the immediate attraction between us. It was obvious he felt it too because, as soon as we were alone, he gave me his phone number. He called me the next day and we agreed to meet up.

When we did, he took me to his place and we’ve since started an affair.  I knew it was wrong – I just felt powerless to stop it. I’ve fallen for him, but I also have strong feelings for my boyfriend. What do I do to make the right choice?


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