My Husband Slept With My PA And Others – Mercy Aigbe


Embattled Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe who has been caught in the web of marital crisis has revealed  that her estranged husband was cheating on her.

Not just that he beats her up, the fashion diva disclosed that he  slept with her PA’ s and her very close friend which she did not disclose her identity. Sleeping with your wives PA’s gives room for disrespect.

Recall that her hotelier husband who has been denying her domestic violence accusation had accused her of adultery. This is just like a kettle calling pot black. Who is cheating  on who ? But the truth is that you can not eat your cake and have it.

Meanwhile Mercy has revealed during a media interview that  the reason she endured the marriage despite the violence was because she wanted to make a home. And secondly because people were looking up to her.

You know when people look up to you as if you have a perfect marriage. The actress owned up to the fact that she has been a fool all this time. Having tolerated the whole mess instead of taking a walk .


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