How To Apply Perfume: 5 Tips For Long-lasting Fragrance


How To Apply Perfume: 5 Tips For Long-lasting Fragrance


Typically, we are focused on our wrists, ears and neck while applying perfume.

Although you may not have been doing it wrong, you might have been missing some key spots.

This article will help guide you on how to use your perfume effectively.


1. Your hair

Your hair is actually one of the best places to spritz perfume because the strands hold fragrance well and leave a trail of scent as you move from place to place.

To avoid any drying of the hair, the best way to apply fragrance to hair is to mist on a brush.


2.  Inside your elbow

The pulse points are areas on the body where the veins flow close to the skin. These spots emit heat, which helps fragrance develop faster. The typical places to spritz scent all fall under this category: the neck, wrists, cleavage. However, the inside of the elbows is also a hot spot to roll on perfume.


3. Behind your ears

Like your wrists, the areas behind your ears are considered “pulse points,” where the veins are closest to the skin, thus generating more heat and amplifying your scent. Dabbing your fragrance on these points will give you more immediate results, as opposed to parts of the lower body, which will rise up through the day. Also, if you’re wearing jewelry it’s a great alternative to spraying your neck, as perfume can tarnish your necklaces.


4. Inside your belly button

Your navel is useful for more than just belly piercings. Dab a few drops of perfume on the spot if you’re wearing a midriff-baring crop top or bikini.


5. Behind your knees

The soft area behind your knees is another one of those pulse points perfect for perfume. Throughout the day the scent will kick up as you cross your legs and move around, especially if you’re wearing a dress.


6. On your ankles

Before you slip on your favorite pair of stiletto heels, give your feet a blast of perfume.


7. On your clothes

Applying your scent on your body before putting on your clothes is great so that the fragrance can absorb into your skin. However, spritzing your clothes with fragrance can help achieve a longer lasting scent, too.



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