How I found N106,000 Cash By The Road Side In Ilorin — Nigerian Guy Narrates


A University student in Ilorin has narrated how he saw N106,000 on the roadside.. Narrating how it went down on Nairaland, he wrote:

Good evening here and happy Friday.

I am student of one of the University here at ilorin and i am into fabric business to help myself

Yesterday, as i was coming back from school; a customer ordered for a fabric and i went to delivered it to her so on my way back home, it’s already like 6pm.

I decided to branch at a friend house who stay around the area i went to delivered the fabric but unfortunately, I couldn’t meet her at home and her number was not reachable so i decided to trek abit maybe we would meet on the road as the time is around 6:30pm and she isn’t the type who stay out for long.

After i pass like 3 buildings to her house, I saw a transparent black nylon near the road (it has almost felt inside the gutter) so i passed it and my instincts told me that was a money from the way it look, I went back to check what was inside the nylon and was so surprised to see a bundle of money wrap together.

I picked it up and waited for like 30 minutes in that spot to see if anyone will pass claiming he or she was looking for lost money. After like 30minutes; no one show signs of searching for any lost money.

it’s already getting late around 7pm, so i took bike to my house .

Getting home, I opened the nylon and counted the money and it was 106,000

I was feeling somehow and thinking of the condition the person would be because the money look like that of those traders based on the way it was wrapped together so i left my house early in the morning today to that same spot maybe the person might appear or i would see anyone talking about lost money but everyone were busy with their business so i left back home with the money.

The reason why i created this thread is to hear your advice on what to do with the money because part of me is telling me to give the needy the money , another part of me is telling me to use the money on my business and also get a small phone from it because the one i am using presently isn’t that good and i need some cash for my business as well.

Please i will really appreciate your suggestions.


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