How I bought a cheap Hyundai Car on



My daughter Jeanette grew up and there is a need to take her to the shops, the malls, and then to school. In Our family never had a . But I had to buy it. Not expected to purchase an expensive model. Would fit a small for the city with air conditioning.

A friend sold his old nissan. I was upset. He promised that he would give it to me for a modest sum.

But, the offense did not. Went to a trading platform. In the markets was not good models. Cheap cars were old and decrepit. Quality machines manufactured after year 2000, it was expensive.

Came home and decided to send a request to the Bank for a loan. Rescued case. I live on the third floor.Downstairs people were passing, and one of them said he bought the on .

Turned on the computer and typed the name in the address bar. I am 37 years old and I don’t know modern technology. But on the website I found the right category – “JiJi Cars“. The second Declaration in the line I drew. It was a accent 2003. The seller said he was the sole owner. He owns a  12 years old.

The was on the outskirts. Get the address for about an hour. Took a specialist. He wound it up and listened to the engine and assessed the body. After 10 minutes was approached by another buyer. I reported the desire to buy and we went to the company where the paperwork.

My father said that the transport quality. On hot days we turn on the air conditioning and comfortable in the cabin. I want to thank .


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