Guys, 7 type of ladies you should avoid at all cost



While there are enough reasons and pointers on the kinds of men that women should avoid, here’s a look at the kind of women that men should be wary of.

1. The Big Boss:

While she is sweet and well – mannered initially, you soon realises that she’s only about bossing him around. Even if you talk to your friends, you have to give a whole background and history about how you know the person he was talking to. You are also given tips on how to lead your life, maintain your relationships and how ambitious you should be.

2. The ‘Keep on Guessing’ type:
This girl is always playing hard to get. Even if she says ‘yes’, you are always left waiting for her to make a plan to meet. She will always keep you guessing about whether she likes you or not. As a result, you are forever insecure that someday, she might just end up with someone else.

3. ‘I want you to be like me’ type:
This one is forever imposing her tastes in food, movies, music and everything else on you. If you do not agree to even a single idea, she throws a tantrum and makes you feel that you have committed a big crime. Steer away from her.

4. Miss Jealous forever type: She is always insecure that you will leave her. She does not even like you talking with your female colleagues. She is always guarded and is never at peace in the relationship.

5. ‘I live for you and I have nothing else to do’: This one is totally dependent on you and her happiness and survival depends on you. She can’t think of a life without you and of course you will love the affection initially, later it will become suffocating and you will want to give up. She will keep messaging you and ask you for updates every minute and if you don’t tell her ‘I love you’ often in a day she will feel the world is ending for her.

6. My parents will have a say in everything: The girl is always dependent on her parents for every decision in her life. She will have them solve all financial and personal decisions in her life.

7. People are happier than us: This woman is constantly comparing her life with others. She is not happy because her friends are richer, happier, and successful than her and she is burning inside because she can’t have a life like them


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