When I was governor, Fashola was an ‘ordinary chief of staff’ – Fayose


Mr. Ayodele Fayose, the Governor-elect of Ekiti State has lambasted the Lagos state governor, Fashola for his statement on the June 21 gubernatorial poll in Ekiti State.

Fayose who said he is not interested in joining issues with Fashola stated that the governor was not elected in a transparent primary, but selected by a former governor of the state who is also a National leader of the party.

“Fashola is not a product of internal democracy. Governor Fashola is a product of imposition, of god-fatherism. “How would you be a governor, not elected in a transparent primary, but selected by one leader and you would still be
surprised if an election was won through due process?

“ The Ekiti state governor-elect who said this during an interview with PUNCH newspaper reminded Fashola that he was governor before him that he knows more about politics than the former Lagos State government chief of staff.

“Let me remind him very quickly, I was governor before him. He was an ordinary chief of staff at that time. I am his senior politically. “If at all he knows anything about politics, I am his senior. We know the intrigues more than him. It is true he is sitting on a prime state like Lagos under the watch of his godfather, but he should not run his mouth. It is unfortunate that a man at his level is talking like that. I am an institution like his godfather in Ekiti. When I started, I didn’t have a godfather.

“I didn’t have anybody like the Saraki of Ilorin who put Bukola Saraki there. They should learn to allow democracy to run. I want to tell them, if care is not taken, they would lose Lagos. The tide, the movement is against them. One thing with the APC is that they would lure you to defect, the moment you defect, they would go and put you on the reserve bench. That is why they don’t have support continuously. When you work for them, as soon as you are used, they dump you.”


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