Government Releases LASU New Fees; School Sets To Re-Open


For the past few weeks, the Lagos State University, LASU, has been shut down. The students embarked on a strike because of the hike in their school fees, demanding the government to reduce the fees. The government did as was told and reduced the price to 34 to 60percent which the students protested against, saying they want it in figures and not by percentage.

Now the management of the University has announced the resumption of academic activities in the school. The school will re-open by Monday, June 23. Meanwhile a statement has been released by the school’s spokesperson, Kayode Sutton, and it reads;

“Sequel to the Lagos State government’s agreement to the reduction of the Lagos State University School Fees by 34% to 60% across different faculties, the university management has come up with the precise amount to be paid by students in all departments and faculties. In a swift compliance to this agreement, the Governing Council of the University has approved new school fees which now ranges between N76,250.00 for a final year student in the Arts Department (49.3% reduction), and N158, 250.00 for a 200 level Engineering and Medical (Direct entry) student.

“In the new school fees as approved by the Council, a 100 level student in the Adebola Adegunwa School of Communication will now pay N103, 250.00, and a 200 level student (Direct Entry) will be required to pay same fee, while a 200 level returning student pays N88, 250.00. For the College of Medicine, a fresh student is expected to pay N115, 750.00, ditto, a final year medical student, while a 200 level (Direct Entry) student in the same College pays N158, 250.00, representing a 36.4% reduction.

“The approval also stipulated that a 100 level Engineering student pays N115,750.00 , while the returning students in 200_500 level will pay N143,250.00, N143,250.00, N131,750.00 and N106,750.00 respectively. New entrants (100 level) in the Faculty of Management Sciences and a final year (500 level) student will now pay N103,250.00, N113,250.00, N98,250.00, N98,250.00, N86,750.00 and N86,750.00 respectively” the statement read


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