Girl Confesses That Her Mother Gave Her Rat Poison To Put In Her Father’s Food

A Video making rounds online has captured moment a girl confessed that her Nigerian mother reportedly gave her rat poison to put in her father’s food, NaijaCover Reports.

From The Information Gathered By NaijaCover, The girl who identified her mother as Chinwendu Ngolo from Ehime Mbano in Imo state, confirmed that the aim of the poisoning was for her father to die. She however said that she told her father while serving him the food because she loved him.

Upon being questioned, the girl’s mother denied the allegation, claiming she doesn’t know where her daughter got the rat poison. Why those questioning the girl tied her up, wasn’t disclosed in the video.

Facebook User, Ikwumelezeh Testimony James who posted it on Facebook shared the Video and wrote:

For those who don’t understand Igbo!

In case you’ve not heard “her mother gave her rat poison to put inside her Father’s food. The poor lil girl did as her mum ordered. Buh she did one thing extra. She told her Dad that her mother ordered her to do so before she now served him the food.

When they asked the lil girl why did you tell your dad that you put rat poison inside his food, she said” I love my Dad.

Marriage is getting scaring by the day.

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