Georgian Lawmakers Box Themselves On Boxing Day (See Photos)

Well it seems Georgian and Nigerian lawmakers have something in common after all. They both love boxing fellow lawmakers, in the parliament, during
delegations, and in front of the whole world too (seeing as boxing is a world recognized sport and all…….lol). The funniest and really the most sad part
of the post is the ‘Boxing’ actually took place on…yes…….Boxing Day 26th of December 2014.The hustle and bustle was caused by a disagreement in the constitution of a delegation to go for an
assignment.They even removed microphones off their tables and used them as weapons to fight each other. Kind of like a remix since Nigerian lawmakers used planks to fight each other instead.

Well now that i think about it, i think if our fellow boxers in Georgia should get 10 years behind bars for this, Nigerian ones should get 50 (come on…..they
used mics, we used planks…….see the difference?!?!).What do you think?

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