F*ck Boys Rapper, Tulenkey Reportedly Slapped With A Lawsuit By Management Team

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Uprising Ghanaian rapper, Tulenkey aka Tuley has been reportedly slapped with a lawsuit by his management team for breaching his contract with them.

According to the CEO of Priceless Life Entertainment, the record label onto which the rapper was signed, Edwin Elikem Ameyeawu, he signed Tuelenkey for a two-year contract but he has gone against their agreement.

He added that the contract includes everything concerning his career as a musician being managed by the record label and 70% of all his performance to be given to the Management team.

According to the suit, September 2018 the rapper has been performing shows which have earned him about 21,900 Ghan Cedis but has since refused to pay the per cent to the management team.

They are however asking the rapper to pay back the millions of Ghana Cedis spent on him since the contract was signed.

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