How Fast Does Lipozene Work?


Every person with an excess weight dreams about a magical diet pill to shed weight without any restrictions to a diet. It is funny that many people still believe in the existence of such a miracle. Sometimes such beautiful diet supplements do appear. However, eventually, the various health issues or side effects triggered by these drugs are observed.

Welcome Lipozene

Lipozene seems to be an ordinary diet pill. Nevertheless, its producer markets the drug as a superb pill to shed weight without much effort. The main peculiarity of the diet pill is a single active component – Amorphophallus Konjac. You might have heard the other name of this component – glucomannan, the function of which is to reduce hunger. If blended with water, glucomannan turns into an indigestible gel providing a feeling of satiation. As a result, a user consumes fewer fats and calories. The other benefits of the konjac extract include the stabilization of the blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Quality of Lipozene

In 2013, the National Library of Medicine in the USA has held a study to reveal the performance of glucomannan. The results showed a zero effectiveness in promoting any fat loss or altering a body constitution. Since the active ingredient corresponds to fiber, it should help losing weight by suppressing appetite. However, following the above-mentioned study, no change in weight and no decreased appetite have been observed.

Besides, the FDA did not approve glucomannan, i.e., it does not guarantee a weight reduction.

In view of the above, we cannot talk about the fast or any results using Lipozene. If you turn to the customer’s feedbacks, you will find out that the majority of Lipozene users are dissatisfied with the performance. You may still stumble upon some positive results that have been achieved by the users on a low-calorie diet.

Health Issues

If an active ingredient is safe, the whole supplement is not hazardous. Glucomannan was the object of several studies that revealed its poor efficiency as well as the probability to cause various unwanted effects. If you consume a lot of fiber, you will experience such symptoms as bloating, nausea, diarrhea and other stomach issues. The unwanted effects caused by Lipozene are similar to the above-mentioned. In addition, several users have complained about the cases of vomiting and loss of minerals during the use of this diet pill.

The content of Lipozene includes an artificial coloring (FD&C Blue #1) that can be the reason of the allergic reactions including hives or rash.

As you see, the product cannot be considered a safety pill due to the range of unwanted effects. The diabetics should pay a special attention to the use of Lipozene since the active component affects the blood glucose level. It is important to consult a physician if you plan to take the diet supplement.


Lipozene cannot be called a magical pill for the people attempting to lose an excess weight at an easy rate. In addition to the poor efficiency, this drug is rather dangerous to health and is not advised for the people experiencing certain health issues. Some reviews available on the web claim that the users managed to achieve the fat loss results taking Lipozene. We should note that these users followed a low-calorie diet and a workout program.


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