Fake Pregnancy: Woman Caught With Hard Drugs, She Carried Like She’s Pregnant


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency () has arrested a mother of three who faked pregnancy with 86 pellets of white powdery substances that tested positive to cocaine.Dorothy Onyekasi, 41,‎ was intercepted at the airport during the inward screening of passengers on an Emirates flight from , United Arab Emirates.The cocaine has a total weight of 1.720 kilogrammes with an estimated street value of N20.6 million Naira, the said in a statement on Saturday.
Ahmadu Garba, commander at the airport, said the wraps of cocaine would have been easily mistaken for pregnancy.
“It was discovered that the suspect kept 86 wraps of cocaine inside a waist bag which was tied to her stomach,” said Mr. Garba.
“Unfortunately, the drug was detected by officers on her arrival from . The drug was immediately packed and weighed in her presence.”
The suspect, who said she’s an importer of female bags and shoes,‎ said her involvement in drug trafficking was a mistake.
“I am separated from my husband who left me with three children. I used to import female bags and shoes from . My involvement in drug trafficking is a mistake and I take responsibility for my action.
“I travelled to to buy my goods. While I was preparing to return, I met a man in who gave me the drug and promised to give me enough money to expand my business. He also told me that when I get to Nigeria, he will call his partner to collect the drug and give me my money.”
The suspect said on arrival in Nigeria, officials of the detected the drugs at the airport.
“It is all my fault.,” Ms. Onyekasi, who hails from Enugu State, said.
“If only I was contented with the profit from the sales of my goods; I would not have been in this problem.”
Muhammed Abdallah‎, NDLEA’s Chairman described recent drug seizures at the airport as a welcome development that is capable of forcing drug cartels to a retreat.
“In the past few days, the NDLEA has recorded numerous arrests and drug seizures at the airport,” said Mr. Abdallah, a retired colonel.
“The drug cartels have also suffered huge losses from these operations. This particular suspect feigned pregnancy with wraps of cocaine but she was caught by vigilant narcotic agents.
“Some of the suspects recently apprehended concealed drugs in their socks and luggage while others ingested wraps of cocaine in disregard of the danger to their health. In spite of their craftiness, we are daily stopping them from perpetrating their criminal act and forcing them to a retreat.

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