Emtee To Work With A Reece And Other Artists He’d Criticized


Rapper Emtee has taken a new leaf after his official departure from Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The rapper revealed plans of collaborating with the many artists he’s had a fall out with, which includes A Reece and many others.

Emtee told Zkhiphani  he was open to working with any artist that came knocking.

Emtee and A-Reece were very close and even collaborated on a song together. But their relationship fell out when Emtee vocally criticized A-Reece and others when they left Ambitiouz in 2017.

However, Emtee says criticizing them in the past won’t stop him from collaborating with them now.

“My frustration was just that these people left. It means that there’s something they know that they didn’t tell us. So y’all are just leaving us here? I was just mad about that. I was like’ if y’all gonna be like that, be like that.

“I feel like music is greater than words of exchange. Just because I said ‘F you’ yesterday, it don’t mean I shouldn’t work with you.”


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