Eminik – Ain’t Playing ft. Mai & Sudan (Lyric VIDEO)


UK based Producer/Songwriter Eminik is literally “Ain’t Playing” as described in the title of his latest song. This banging tune which features the dynamic style of two female artists, Mai and Sudan is certain to change the rap game for a long time. Eminik originally from Nigeria (raised in the UK), made some very bold decisions while strategically planning this project. One of which was to give an open invite to unsigned international artists, which led to the collaboration with the Irish female rapper Mai. This emerging artist whose voice puts you in the mind of Nicki Minaj, projects an astounding energy that places her in a league of her own. Next came the piece to an extremely risky puzzle, an underground female rapper from New York City named Sudan. This outstanding artists who voiced along with Eminik‘s mesmerizing trap beat demand the full attention of all listener’s.                     

In a heavily changing industry this extremely talented producer made moves to not only compose an urban hit record but displaying his own vocal and lyrical skills, that you’ll notice on the hook & 3rd verse. He demonstrates that he is fully capable of changing as quickly and as efficiently as the weather. To consider Eminik an emerging star would be an understatement, this producer, songwriter, singer, rapper and entrepreneur has officially arrived. Yes world it’s time to embrace an intriguing experience with the Audio and Official Lyric Video release to this new masterpiece “Aint Playing”, get familiar with this!
– (Written by: Yvette Thompson, Michigan. USA –  for Krown Music Group)





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