Don’t Mistake My Dreadlocks For Spiritualism—Beautiful Nubia


Beautiful Nubia


The hair has always been a part of a person’s personality. While it is a form of fashion for some, it is a form of spiritualism to others, especially when it is locked. That is why some people treat theirs specially.

But Nigerian folklore singer, Beautiful Nubia, whose real name is, Segun Akinlolu, has cried out that his dreadlocks is not tied to any spiritual meaning.

In an interview with The Nation, Beautiful Nubia explained that his mother once cut his natural dreadlocks when he was a boy. “My mother said I was born with them (dreads) and they were cut off by my first birthday, I think. So, I never knew I had locks.

“But as I grew up, I knew something was wrong with my hair because it was always just clumpy and very thick. And if I was at home for three days, like Friday to Sunday and I did not comb my hair, you will see it just lock up like that,” he said.

Veterinary doctor-trained musician also said he decided to leave his dreads the day he quits paid employment.

“So, I said, the day I leave paid employment, I am just going to let this hair be and I am going to give it what I call fundamental hair right.

“And I did not twist it, I did not lock it, I did not add anything to it. I just left it. And this is what you are seeing 15 years later. All I do is I cut it because I do not want it to be too long,” he said.

He added, “I don’t keep my hair for fashion. I am not keeping it for any cultural reason or any traditional reason. There is no spiritual reason. I just left my hair and it is just there. It does its own thing, I do my own thing.”


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