Don Jazzy Reacts To ‘Doro’ Occultic Link


For some time now, Don Jazzy has taken over the music scene and has also engaged several people with the word ‘Doro’.

Several meanings were given to the word ranging from ‘good’, ‘perfect’ to others, but the originator of the word has not explained its meaning, which was used in the recent song released by the Mavin Records crew entitled ‘Dorobucci’.

But recently, there were rumour that the word has an occultic meaning. This was spread via a message which reads’ “WHAT IS DORO? For ur information, DOROBUCCI is a freaking occult song. Let me explain, Oluwa means God in Yoruba, Chineke or Chi means God in Igbo. Doro is also a name of a god… Doro is a godmavins formula; DOROBUCCI is just to praise their god. They produced the song Dorobucci in other to achieve more Doro worshippers and that’s why they put Dorojazzy, Dorotiwa, Dorosid”

“Now some people would change their original beautiful names from Oluwabisi to Dorobisi, Chidinma to Dorodinma, Seun to Doroseun, some even behind the occultic name e.g lil stunna Doroyinka. It’s freaking sad that we always forget to listen to lyrics of songs & get their meaning before dancing to it”

This got to Don Jazzy, who has reacted to it and rubbished the occultic link. Reacting, Don Jazzy said, “ol..ok, some very sad people have been sending this around. Eyaa pele. It’s things like this that make me so sure that all that illuminati crap about some yankee artistes is just BS. Lol.oh well #mavin#.”

Though he did not still explain what the word means, but do you believe it has an occultic link as claimed?


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