Dineo Responds To “Social Media Rapist”


DJ Dineo showed off her pretty legs on social media in a video but it turned out ugly after a male follower reacted to the video with an erotic message.

The star voiced out on social media calling the follower a rapist because he suggested s*x with her.


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Secured the bag. Now to secure the man. Where you at baby ?

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Dineo responds: “I get a number of these and have never brought to public a single one of them. But today I just felt the need to. Since I was asked by this social media rapist what I think… Note how he believes I NEED a long shlong.
When we dress the way we do, we do no such for you. When we be feeling ourselves the way we do, we do no such for you. When we post our cuteness, trust some of us do no such for you.”

“It’s a pity how some men sexualize every single beat of a woman’s existence. Rape begins in such broken minds. It begins as a sense of entitlement. It begins with this insane belief that one can dictate to a woman he hardly knows what she wants or needs. Rape, an illness of a man living in a spiritual pigsty. Interesting how we interpret “now to secure the man” differently.” Dineo said.


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