D’banj’s Koko Garri now sells for #5,000 on Konga


In March 2014 D’banj officially unveiled his new business venture, Koko garri, many of his fans thought it
was a joke.




D’banj unveiled the Koko Garri initiative at the One Do Agric Campaign launch on March 20, 2014 at the
Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja as the first product to come from his company, Koko Holdings. Keeping true to his word, the Kokomaster now has the product out on sale and if you are in love with it, all you need to do is visit Konga(dot)com where you can purchase an 18kg of Koko Garri at a retail price of 5k.

The product details on Koko garri as available on Konga(dot)com reads: ‘Kokogarri is made from fresh cassava tubers, very fine grain. Ideal for drinking or making eba, (solid food). The carton has 18 packs of the 1kg pack as shown in the picture. The individual packs can be used as gifts individually or in gift baskets during this festive period. They are ideal for traveling, taking a little of home away from home. Indeed one of the best Ijebu garri.’

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