#Dareynak£d: Sound Sultan, Waje, Gideon Okeke, Eldee, Ayo Makun, Linda Ejiofor, others share touching stories

Darey nak£d 2

Following a week of nostalgia and memories on his social media pages, Darey posted a “nak£d” photo of himself on Instagram, which quickly went viral and generated thousands of reactions. On the picture caption, he commented that being nak£d is not just about nudity, but also about being honest, being vulnerable and being real.  He urged his friends and fans to share their own #nak£d stories and a number of Nigerian celebrities took up the challenge.


See stories below;


“I remember one of my first stage performances as an artist, PK gardens Enugu. Peter and Paul were the headline acts, well, I had done a remake of their song Omoge mi and the crowd not knowing what this brothers were up to enjoyed screaming the lyrics back to them. Suddenly the music stopped and they introduced me to sing my version. Crowd was skeptical about cheering the WAJE girl till I opened my lungs the rest is history. My nak£d truth is that I was given an opportunity to lung out my voice and shout back my lyrics #darenak£d”

Linda Ejiofor;

“Fame comes a lot of expectations and perfection is one of them. Everyone believes your life is 100% perfect because this job requires a smile every time the camera is turned on. But behind every famous “put together” celebrity is a vulnerable #nak£d person. Take away the pretty clothes and we all have one thing in common. I’m just as human as you. Own your true self. You’re perfect in your imperfection”

Gideon Okeke;

“The nak£d Truth is…if you ever believe you Can or Can’t…either ways, you’re Right!  My journey humbles me DAILY! From the “backside” of Lagos, all I had were DREAMS, a Box Television set and a Transistor radio. Those were my VISA and Air ticket to Eldorado. Today, the Grace of God confirms that your start off point doesn’t determine your future. I may never be able to divorce myself from my past, my inadequacies, my insecurities, my shortcomings. But dear child…those are the things that make me UNIQUE! I AM A STORY! I AM GOD’S TESTIMONY! I AM LARGE!”

Ayo Makun

“Sometimes I feel nak£d without my parents being around today. Though we were poor, but there was no giving up in making sure we got a proper training. Our nak£dness they covered with character, sense of responsibility, peace and love. I wish they were here to reap the fruit of their labour. #Dareynak£d”


Timmy Elegbede

“The first time I performed in front of a crowd, on a proper stage that was in secondary school I never believed it would be possible. I was the lead soloist and we (The school choir) were doing a song by joyous celebration. The lady that we rehearsed with, aunty chioma pushed me so hard that I lost my voice the night before the performance…that, coupled with the fact that I would be performing before over 3000 women got me nervous. But there was no going back. It was that night or never. When we got to the stage for the performance and I took the mic, my hands were jerking, the mic almost fell. But I didn’t let that get to me. I turned my fear into courage and gave it my best shot. It was epic. That was the beginning of singing for me

The nak£d truth is that I never believed I had it in me. The fact that I lost my voice before the performance was enough for me to pull out, but I didn’t.

Although I haven’t gotten to my peak yet, but that was the beginning of it for me. And however far I would go in music, it’s because of that moment of truth.”


Ememobong Daniel

“When we go out to shoot, one of the things that people often come up and say to us is “Wow its great that you get to play around with cool toys (camera gear) for work” and my response is usually “Yea, its great!”, which is true.. But we are not in the wedding industry just to capture cool shots and play around with expensive gear. They are relatively heavy to carry anyway.

The nak£d truth is, we are in this business to connect with people and share their life stories hopefully in a way that will show how beautiful life can be. We always look forward to get inspired when we meet with new couples and see the side of their life that will move and touch us as storytellers.”


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