Covenant University Suspends Final Year Students For Missing Easter Programme


Covenant University is as it again and this time I am not keeping calm!

Please how can a school suspend final year students for not attending “Easter Youth Alive” program” for ONE year Where is that done? Is it on their curriculum? How many units does this program carry?

These students have barley two(2) or three (3) months to go before project defense and graduation, have exams coming up this week and the school wakes up and decides to suspend them for one (1) year? And what happens to the fees paid for the year? In this economic recession, parents should cough out close to a Million Naira again to pay fees

How many “churchy” schools have ever done this? None! Its only Covenant University! Is there no better punishment to give to these students than suspension for a WHOLE YEAR What culture are you trying to imbibe into these students? When they are suspended, will they go home and become better people? What are the lecturers and counselors in the school for? What are the various Bible studies or programs in the school for? Are they organized for just believers? Who did the church come for? Who did Jesus come for? Isn’t it the sinners? What if after every sin we commit, our Almighty Father in Heaven decides to suspend us from this earth, where will we all be?

I should believe parents who take their children to such schools do so not just for academic purposes, but also for the spiritual aspect.

Isn’t that why they have a course titled “The Total Man?” Or what other reason is this course for, if not to build all students, particularly the erring ones to become better people?

If not so, they should please enlighten us. I think this time around, Covenant University has gone over board! We will not keep silent again.

Please and please, we would appreciate if this is published.

We have had enough of this!


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