CONFESSION:Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Sleeping With Drake & Lil Wayne

It’s been an unconfirmed belief within the Hip Hop community that Young Money act  has had s*xual relations with her fellow label mateDrake and boss Lil’ Wayne. For years, it has been rumoured that has had s*x with Lil’ Wayne and especially. and have expressed their ‘love’ over the years, and have taken a few cosy pictures together.
Today, the queen of Young Money has released a new song titled ‘Only’ where she addresses the rumours. The song aptly features , and Chris Brown on the chorus.
wastes no time in shutting down the rumours as she says “I never f***ked Wayne, I never f**ked all my life man f**k sake, If I did I would menage with em and let them eat my a*s like a cupcake” on the opening lines of the song.

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