Condoms, Enhancers Found In Boko Haram’s Camp


A camp of the dreaded Boko Haram sect was broken into and what the soldiers found would shock you……

The claim by the dreaded Islamist insurgent sect, Boko Haram, that they are looking forward to getting virgins in heaven when they kill innocent people has been busted by Chadian military personnel who chased out the terrorists from one of their camps close to their border.

The military officers were quite surprised when they found not only a cache of sophisticated weapons but rolls of condoms, both used and unused, as well as s*x enhancing tablets like Viagra.

Adding two and two together, the officers deduced that women and girls the sect has been kidnapping both in Nigeria and other parts of the West Coast where they have been holding sway, could have been turned into their s*x slaves.

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