Chinese Man Survives 5-Inch Knife In The Head

knife-manA in China was taking a walk, when his suddenly felt strangely heavy. Turns out, a had fallen from the sky, right into his .

Xiao Yunzhi, of Guangyi, Sichuan province, was out walking when a fell from an eighth-floor balcony, reported The Telegraph. The embedded itself into the left side of the 57-year old’s — right up to its hilt— but did not pierce his skull.

“It was terrifying to see,” his younger sister, who only identified herself as Miss Xiao, told The Telegraph. “The handle was sticking out of the top.”

The incident occurred on August 7th and Xiao was still being treated at his local intensive care unit on Monday, August 11th. According to his sister, he was in stable condition, but not fully out of danger.

The ’s owner, named only as Mr. Wu, said he may have left the in a flowerpot, but didn’t think it would fall out.

“They told the police that the wind must have blown it off. They have already come to visit my brother in the hospital and have paid some of his medical bills,” Miss Xiao said. “I only hope he can get better soon.”

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  • may God help our world,as an african born,n a spiritual being, I ll say its an attack on his life but God save him. He shall be fine

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