Check Out This Loved Up Photo Of Governor Ajimobi & His Wife On A Yacht


· Critics flay Oyo governor for embarking on pleasure cruise while state experiences decline

Abiola Ajimobi loves the good life. Thus he lives it unapologetically. No matter whose ox is gored, the incumbent governor of Oyo State covets luxury and exploits it as the lusty geologist mines ocean floors for the fabled black gold.

Thus it was hardly surprising that while the people of Oyo groan under the deadly yoke of poverty and ineffective governance, Governor Ajimobi embarked on a pleasurable cruise aboard a luxury yacht with his wife, Florence.

A recent picture of the couple surfaced in the social space and it features the Oyo governor and his wife in a merry pose aboard the vessel widely acknowledged as the rich man’s toy. Gaiety and bliss pervades the hearts of the couple apparently, even as several couples in the state struggle are robbed of similar leisurely indulgences, as they are forced to battle interminable odds and inconveniences occasioned by their state government’s inadequacies.

A surreal ecstasy enwraps the lives and home of the governor and his wife but it is not the

the bliss of animals that lies at a lower level, it is the bliss of a man and his wife of at peace with their lot in life.

Sources close to the couple however, revealed that it is never a crime for the Oyo governor and his wife to take time out to enjoy their otherwise busy lives. According to them, having given too much of their lives in service of the state and in pursuit of interests of the less privileged, they deserve to treat themselves to moments of bliss and leisurely activities.

Florence, the First Lady of Oyo is undoubtedly thrilled to be the wife of Oyo’s most important figure. As evident in the picture, she is more than happy that despite the challenges of juggling public office and the hassles matrimony, she still has Ajimobi her husband for keeps.

Apologists of the governor and his wife argued that their cruise on the luxury yacht, at a time Oyo struggles through grinding poverty and policy failure, is worth the people’s goodwill and applause.

Another school of thought however, argues that even though the couple is entitled to moments of private bliss, they ought to understand that several folk would find it insensitive of them to embark on a sea cruise on a luxury yacht while the Oyo electorate staggers blindly and unaided, through the wilderness of change that Ajimobi’s government has failed to deliver to them.

Whatever anyone thinks, Ajimobi and his wife has earned the bragging rights to their luxury yacht cruise, according to the governor’s apologists.



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