Cassper Reveals An Exact Age He Left Home To Fend For Himself

Reveals An Exact Age He Left Home To Fend For Himself. Some people move out from their homes to try and face life head on independently, a common age to leave home is the early or mid-20s. For Nyovest he was much younger but went on to try and pursue his dreams.

It isn’t a hidden fact anymore that Nyovest dropped out of school when he was in Grade 10. The Mama I Made It Rapper actually left school and home in the same year. At just 16 years young he went around trying to make a life for himself. Through hard work and prayer the rapper achieved more than he was aiming for.

The backlash on him being a dropout led to him assuming that tweeps were just jealous that he has a rich bank account with his grade 10 fail report.

“Firstly that tweet is a lie to impress you bitter humans. Secondly, my bank account is a report of my progress so I’m not off topic. La painelwa!”

He went on to explain why he chooses to ignore trolls on a daily basis.

“I only ignore you trolls cause I know it affects my brand reputation. I could serve y’all replies all day but it doesn’t pay well. I’m all about my money!!! If it hurts the money, let it go”.

“I made my dreams come true and I love it,” added .

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