“My Boyfriend Slept With My Best Friend” – Lady Seeks Your Advice on What She Should Do.


A Nigerian Lady took to a public forum to cry out to the public on what she should do because her boyfriend slept with her best friend and she’s planning on forgiving him.

Read what she wrote unedited….

My best friend slept with my boyfriend, I still love my boyfriend and I think we are going to be together again, but I cannot get it out of my head what both of them did to me.

My boyfriend said we were on a break when it happened, they were totally smashed and had S3x. My friend has been my best friend for like nearly ten years, and she very well knew, break or not, how passionately in love I am with him.

Her excuse that it was that she was just really drunk and lonely and he was just there. His excuse is that we were on a break. While we were on this break about 2 months ago, I kissed someone else sad, wrong, I know, but I was honest with my boyfriend about it when we decided to get back together, he kept throwing it in my face, guilt tripping me about kissing someone else while we were on a break.

 Then come to find out on that same break he had slept with my best friend but failed to tell me about it. But through all of this, I still love him, but hate him at the same time from taking away my best friend from me cry…I really love this guy cry…I don’t know what to do cry.

Pls what should I do?


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