Bowen University shut down indefinitely over students protest


Emerging reports have it that private Nigerian university, Bowen, was yesterday ransacked by irate students



The students were said to be protesting against the non-provision of basic amenities for them by the school’s management.

The university is owned and managed by the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

According to reports:

There was riot at Bowen University Iwo in Osun State last night.  The riot was over what they say is lack of basic amenities like water and light as well as what they term ‘unnecessary rules & regulations’ being made by school management, plus plans to increase their school fees.

The boys destroyed school property, vehicles and vandalized their chaplain’s home. While the students were on rampage, the school security personnel fled but the police was eventually called in to calm things down.

“Bowenites live by rules, sleep by rules, and eat by rules, but not anymore” one student said


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