“Why Was I Born In Nigeria”- Charly Boy

Charly boy

Charly Boy Oputa has written out his opinion on how he views the country (Nigeria). In the article he questioned why he was born in the country which he described as woods.

Read his article below:

“Oh God! Why was I born in this neck of the woods? See how low my country has sank, demeaning our value as human beings, destroying our image as greed and corruption destroys everything we hold sacred. See how it drives the youths crazily into the uncertain life of crime, dispossessing the creative and talented youths of their dreams and discrediting their imagination. Haba, God, why? As Nigerians, what are we really good for? Were we born to be haunted and taunted?”

I don’t know what drives us but were we created to be a sub. Like you create two versions of something and see which one would thrive more in the habitat it would be placed. It seems the Africans (Nigerians) are failing the test and soon would be wiped out from existence. Why have we remained a consumer nation, can’t even produce nothing, even the few who can are not encouraged”

He however said that the state of country bothers him, stating that even if the Western country waits for us, we will never meet up.


“We are so backward it troubles me. Even if the western world were to wait for us for another hundred years, at this rate we will likely not meet up. Because as a people and as a nation, we lack focus, we are so consumed by greed that all we know how to do is compete among ourselves in this endless corruption that we fail to see the bigger picture.

We are obviously operating a failed political system, educational system and whatever comes to mind. A country where literates are so myopic and shallow minded. We are still living in the era of people believing more in witches and wizard and do not believe in working towards a bright future. A kill and go system that does not really care for its people. From our so called riffraff in leadership, we are told to be patient and always pray for good luck. Can our country really be run by good luck?

We are so myopic that when we are confronted with one problem we talk about it until another problem arises; we forget the old unsolved one and begin to rant about the new problem. It was “bring back our girls”, now is Ebola here Ebola there. Even people with PHD were bathing with salt water, Maggi and pepper. Lol

What is so bad is that we claim to have produced both academic and medical doctors and yet we can’t possibly find any solution to this bloody virus. We are begging the United States for the unapproved serum which will not be given until 2015. We have labs that can’t carry out experiments because the labs don’t have the required to function well. Are our doctors even capable? On the media you hear different stories of what’s going on while we are shielded from the truth.

We refuse to develop ourselves so we live at the mercy of others. We claim we are the giant of Africa but there is little or nothing we can do for other smaller African countries. How can we, when we have not been able to do anything for ourselves.

We always think our ignorance is an excuse to the way we live and what happens to us, is it actually ignorance or stupidity? Our ignorance will not deliver us and it is no excuse to whatever happens to us.

Are we not supposed to be responsible for ourselves? Are we going to keep depending on other nations for our security and safety? Where is our pride as a people and as individuals? We get mouth but we no get anything. People weh get mouth na people weh get evidence of substance. Sometimes you don’t have to speak, what you have created speaks for you.

Until we realize that our problems are beyond rants, curses and prayers, then can we be a step towards finding a solution. Except we want to be proved as a failed state/race would we remain in this pathetic state of existence. I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows that in Africa we are just existing and not living. 

The world has since evolved. Abegi.

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