Banky W Is So Smart, See The Sweet DM That Started It All


Since we heard of Banky’s engagement to Adesua, we have been so restless, nothing has pulled the rug off our feet in a long time like this.

We could not help but walk the length of the couple’s Instagram pages looking for all the clues we missed! In their narratives, we found out that it took a funny DM to Adesua to kick start the friendship that ultimately led to their engagement.

You would not believe that the said DM is the sweetest and most precise DM you would ever see!

Banky knew what he wanted after having met the pretty actress a number of times, he simply changed the Falz in him and wrote “Eskeez me Hot sturvvs, can I know you plix??”

Adesua found it funny and the rest like they say is history. They have even joked about this recently, just after their engagement in February but did we catch it? No! Now you know you don’t really need that epistle to win a lady’s heart! Do you?


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